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A spangled cotinga, Cotinga cayana


From New Latin cotinga, from Old Tupi cutinga.


cotinga (plural cotingas)

  1. Any of the neotropical passerine birds of the genus Cotinga
    • 1857, John Benwell, An Englishman's Travels in America[1]:
      Flocks of aquatic birds were to be seen on every side, the most numerous being the pelican, and a bird of the cotinga species, about the size of an English throstle, the plumage of which, being jet black and flamingo red, had a beautiful effect in the sunshine, as they flew or settled in thousands on the canes.
    • 1921, William Beebe, Edge of the Jungle[2]:
      Sheer color alone is powerful enough, but when heightened by contrast, it becomes still more effective, and I seemed to have secured, with two barrels, a cotinga and its shadow.

Derived terms[edit]