fat finger

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Alternative forms[edit]


From the implication that a finger that is too fat (big) is likely to strike a key in addition to or other than the intended one.


fat finger (plural fat fingers)

  1. A supposed cause of typographical errors.
    • 2006, James Quinn, “LSE moves to nail 'fat finger' deals”, Telegraph.co.uk:
      The London Stock Exchange is to enhance the measures it has in place to ensure 'fat finger' trades do not occur.
    • 2010 May 7, “'Fat fingers' could be behind market crash”, CTV.ca:
      Although it appeared to be triggered by unrest in Greece, the real cause could be a trader's "fat fingers."
    • 2010 May 7, “Fear itself the problem as Greece's woes have yet to spread”, Sydney Morning Herald:
      The Securities and Exchange Commission is on the case, pursuing a lead that a "fat finger" keystroke error on a trade in Procter & Gamble, one of the 30 stocks in the Dow Jones Industrial Average, turned a trade of millions into a trade of billions