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fat +‎ shit


fatshit (plural fatshits)

  1. (derogatory) a contemptible fat person
    • 1975, Robert Klane, Fire sale, link
      At times Herma answered to the name of fatshit, pukeface, and lardass.
    • 1988, Dick Dunham, Fat Guys Don't Wear Stripes, link
      "Hey, fatshit," Tommy said.
    • 2007, Charles E. Merkel, II, The Girl in the Picture, link
      Mr. Fatshit is here, and we're living with him every day!
    • 2011, Bill Watkins, A Celtic Childhood, page 214
      He came home all happy and now you've depressed the hell out of him with your fascists and fatshits and God knows what else! Jasus, what do you think yer on!”