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fribble (third-person singular simple present fribbles, present participle fribbling, simple past and past participle fribbled)

  1. To waste or fritter.
  2. To behave in a frivolous way.
    • 1984, Guy Davenport, Apples and Pears:
      We dried in the sun on a boulder as warm as a dying stove, and fribbled and monkeyed with each other, priming for later.
  3. To totter.


fribble (comparative more fribble, superlative most fribble)

  1. Of no or little importance, frivolous.


fribble (plural fribbles)

  1. A trifling action.
  2. A trifler.
  3. A frivolous, contemptible fellow; a fop.
    • Thackeray
      A pert fribble of a peer.