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From Old French grouchier "to grumble", in Middle English from c. 1200 (as grucchen). As a noun from c. 1400. See also grudge, grouch, grouse.


grutch (third-person singular simple present grutches, present participle grutching, simple past and past participle grutched)

  1. to murmur, complain
    • 1891 "But I am a man who may grutch and grumble, but when I have set my face to do a thing I will not turn my back upon it until it be done." Arthur Conan Doyle, The White Company


grutch (plural grutches)

  1. a complaint
    • 1663, Hudibras, by Samuel Butler, part 1, canto 1
      In it he melted lead for bullets, \ To shoot at foes, and sometimes pullets; To whom he bore so fell a grutch, He ne'er gave quarter t' any such.