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Alternative forms[edit]


Blend of Internet and web (World Wide Web). The first use of this phrase is disputed.


interweb (plural interwebs or interwebz)

  1. (Internet, slang, humorous) The Internet, typically used in a jocular or sarcastic manner by more experienced Internet users, especially as a mockery of the less experienced when used with 'teh'.
    Look I'm on teh interweb!
    You suck at teh interweb!
  2. A connection between a network of Internets (Interplanetary)


  • 1994 July 13, in the Sci-Fi series Babylon 5 S1E16, at time index 14:30 (approx.) the Computer voice: "Acknowledged. Commencing interweb link". The preceding conversation indicates a smart A.I. search is commencing. One Internet would not be possible (many planets too far apart to be in the same Internet), so "network of Internets" (and therefore Webs) would exist and Interweb links would be formed. "network of Internets" - refer IETF expired draft Interplanetary Internet (IPN): Architectural Definition
  • 1997, Christian Schenck, Christine Schopf, Cyberarts, ISBN 3211829989, Page 70
    "Web Hopper" is an interweb site that enables you to visualize your Web hopping and that of other Net users.
  • 2007 March 26, Phil Libin, Jon Udell (interviewer), “Phil Libin”, Jon Udell's Interviews With Innovators, IT Conversations, GigaVox Media [1]
    Basically anyone who wants to get a license for nefarious purposes, nefarious or at the very least...unsactioned, they now get to shop around.... With the interwebs, it's gonna be pretty easy to tell which states...are the best shopping locations.... This isn't secret information [that] no one's gonna ever find out.