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life +‎ tap


lifetap (uncountable)

  1. (gaming, video games, role-playing games) A spell or ability allowing a player to heal his or her own character by draining health from another.
    • 1995, Larry W Smith, Learn Magic Cards
      Or another very effective card is the Lifetap, which is an Enchantment...
    • 2002, Justin Brown, Dark Age of Camelot: Shrouded Isles
      Early Levels (1—4) Open your spell tab and expand your single option. Place the lifetap you find there in your hotbar.
    • 2003, Melissa Tyler, EverQuest: Prima's official strategy guides
      Use your Lifetap spells any time you've taken damage. ... At higher levels, you gain more powerful spells in the Lifetap category.
    • 2005, Scott Jennings, Alexander Macris, Massively multiplayer games for dummies
      ...or use lifetap spells that heal the caster while damaging their target to keep themselves alive while they fight alongside their pet.