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From milzis (giant) +‎ -enis.


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milzenis m (2nd declension, feminine form: milzene)

  1. giant, colossus (very large object or building)
    okeāna milzeņi — the giants of the ocean (= large ships)
    akmens bija īsts milzenis — the rock was a real giant
    lejpus ābeļdārzam bija palicis tāds īsts milzenis, laba vīra augumā — in the lower part of the apple garden a real giant (= tree) had remained, the size of a good man
  2. giant (very large person, animal or plant)
    Ansis nevarēja nobrīnīties vien par milzeni, Rīgas kalēju Gustu — Ansis could not wonder about the giant, the blacksmith Gusts from Riga
    sagrābj makšķeres kātu, piecērt un pēc sīvas cīņas izceļ lielu, spurainu asari... skaties, kāds milzenis! — he grabs the fishing rod, pulls it and after a fierce fight lifts a large, finny perch... look, what a giant!



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