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mitta (measure) +‎ -inen; lit. "being of the measure (of)"


genitive + mittainen  (not comparable)

  1. measuring, of a measure, being of a certain size, length or height; translation into English varies by context
    Meiltä on tilattu 80.000 ratapölkkyä, mutta emme tiedä, minkä mittaisia niiden pitäisi olla.
    We have received an order for 80,000 railroad ties, but we don't know which measures they should have.
    Onko hän sanansa mittainen mies?
    Is he as good as his word?
    Olin kahdentoista päivän mittaisella Karibian-risteilyllä.
    I was on a twelve-day long cruise on the Caribbean.


Usage notes[edit]

Always used with a preceding attribute or interrogative pronoun in genitive.


Related terms[edit]

  • See related terms -section under kokoinen.