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From Latin purpura, suffixed with -ous.


purpurous (comparative more purpurous, superlative most purpurous)

  1. (archaic) Purple.
    • 1842, Alexander Tweedie, ‎William Wood Gerhard, A System of Practical Medicine
      Andral states that he was in attendance upon an old woman suffering from a cancerous affection of the stomach, and that, a fortnight before her death, numerous purpurous spots appeared upon the skin []
    • 1865, Samuel Wilks, Guy's Hospital Reports (page 233)
      The least blow upon the limbs produced effusions of blood, and a purpurous spot was the result, which soon resembled a large bruise []
    • 1871, Sir James Young Simpson, ‎James Watt Black, Selected Obstetrical & Gynaecological Works (page 106)
      The cavities of the pleura and pericardium were filled with a reddish serous effusion; but these membranes, with the exception of numerous points of purpurous effusion beneath them, were otherwise quite healthy.