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From slepkava (murderer, killer) +‎ -ība.


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slepkavība f (4th declension)

  1. murder, homicide (the unlawful killing of another human being)
    tīša slepkavība — intentional murder
    politiska slepkavība — political murder, assassination
    slepkavības mēģinājums — attempted murder
    slepkavība aiz mantkārībasmurder from greed
    masveida slepkavība — mass murder, massacre
    slepkavība ar (iepriekšēju) nodomu — first-degree murder (lit. murder with previous intent)
    slepkavība bez iepriekšēja nodoma — manslaughter (lit. murder without previous intent)
    tu tiec apsūdzēts sava brāļa slepkavībā; ko tu vari teikt šai sakarā? — you are charged with your brother's murder; what can you say in this repsect?


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