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From year +‎ hundred. Cognate with Scots yeirhunder (century), German Jahrhundert (century), Danish århundrede (century), Swedish århundrade (century), Norwegian århundre (century).


yearhundred (plural yearhundreds)

  1. (very rare, nonstandard) A period of a hundred consecutive years; a century.
    • 1878, Carl Säve, Some runic stones in Northern Sweden:
      My oldest specimen is Danish, an "overgang"-stone (bearing Old-Northern as well as Scandinavian runes) from about the first half of the 9th century. The runic examples thus run down from the 9th to the 14th yearhundred.
    • 1883, George Stephens, Prof. S. Bugge's studies on Northern mythology shortly examined:
      It may have been copied from the Northern Baldor myth, for Gothic arms and arts had been known for many centuries in the East and West in the 6th yearhundred, and Greek-writing heretics and bookmakers copied from all quarters.
    • 1983, Michael Cox, M.R. James, an informal portrait:
      And this last, is it from out today's times forgettinghood or our much to be bewailed speechshapelearningness's unwisdomship, is to a nineteenth yearhundred period's togethergatheringreceivingsaloon sad un-befitted.
    • 1996, Eesti NSV Riiklik Etnograafiamuuseum, Eesti Rahva Muuseum, Eesti Rahva Muuseumi aastaraamat:
      On the territory of Estonia three main educational ideologies can be differentiated during the yearhundred concerned: religious-lutheran, strict disciplinarianism and the one orientated to nationalism and education.