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Alternative forms[edit]


First used in 1986 in an online Deaf community in Japan, independently from :-).[1]



  1. An emoticon representing a grinning face.
    • 2002 January 14, Stuart Dawson, “Re: This made me look at YATA in a whole new light.. o_o”, in uk.media.animation.anime, Usenet[1] (in English):
      having now watched it I just have one thing to say... <grin> So who's got the bollocks to do some cosplay with me then? ^_^
    • 2015 November 1, Uncle Monster [username], “Re: OT: Another sure sign of a country in decline”, in alt.home.repair, Usenet[2] (in English):
      She's very cute and talented but if she's really a smoker, she'll wind up looking old before her time. It would be a shame because I love her singing. ^_^

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