äta upp

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äta upp (present äter upp, preterite åt upp, supine ätit upp, imperative ät upp)

  1. (transitive) to eat up, to consume entirely (all there is of something)
    nu äter vi upp det här
    we better eat all of this (no idea to save the leftovers for another day; implying that wasting food is not an option)
    Hela reformutrymmet åts upp av skattelöftet till pensionärerna
    The whole budget slack was consumed by the pledge to lower taxes for the retired
  2. (transitive) to eat (a person)
    ett lejon åt upp honom
    a lion ate him
    du är så söt, att jag kunde äta upp dig
    you are so sweet, I could eat you
  3. (intransitive) to finish eating, to eat all there is on the plate (implying that wasting food is not an option)
    du får se på tv när du har ätit upp
    you can watch TV when you have finished your plate
  4. (reflexive) to eat to (re)gain weight
    du ser mager ut, har du inte ätit upp dig under julhelgen?
    you look thin, haven't you gained anything during the Christmas holiday?