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From över- +‎ .




  1. to exceed, to surpass
    Kristi kärlek, som övergår all kunskap
    the love of Christ, which passeth knowledge (Ephesians 3:19)
  2. to pass (over something)
    Man kan utan överdrift påstå, att all skogsmark i Norrland övergåtts av eld
    One can without exaggeration state, that all forest in Norrland has been touched by fire (as if the fire was passing through)
  3. to move, to change, to transit, to transform (from one state or place to another)
    Livligheten övergick i hysterisk skräck.
    The liveliness changed into hysteric horror.
    högsta folkskolklassen saknas, i det att barnen övergå till annan skola
    students of the final year were missing, in that the children move to another school
  4. to move on, to continue (with something else)
    Sedan kaffe intagits övergicks till förhandlingarna.
    After coffee had been consumed [we] moved on to the proceedings.


Related terms[edit]