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From Proto-Slavic *ťutiti.


  • IPA(key): /tɕutiti/
  • Hyphenation: ću‧ti‧ti


ćutiti pf (Cyrillic spelling ћутити)

  1. (transitive) to feel (become aware of through the skin; to use the sense of touch)
  2. (transitive) to feel, sense (have a sensation of something without the use of touch, sight, hearing, smell, or taste)
  3. (transitive) to feel (experience the consequences of)
  4. (transitive) to feel (to have a special feeling or a reaction upon stimulus)
  5. (intransitive) to feel, know (think, believe, or have an impression concerning)
  6. (reflexive) to feel, be feeling (be in a state of mind or a condition)

Derived terms[edit]