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  1. A Khoisan language of Botswana, also called ǂHõã.
    • 2007, Kimiko Nakanishi, Formal Properties of Measurement Constructions, page 251:
      Some languages are able to morphologically express plurality of events. For instance, in ǂHoan (a moribund Khoisan language spoken in southeastern Botswana), kí- is attached to a verb to express plurality related to events (Collins 2001).
    • 2011, Matthew S. Dryer, Noun-Modifier Order in Africa, in Geographical Typology and Linguistic Areas (Osamu Hieda, Christa König, Hiroshi Nakagawa), page 304:
      Map 14 shows that the minority type of SVO&GenN languages are primarily found in two areas, among Gur, Kru, and Kwa languages in west Africa and among various Khoisan groups in southern Africa (Ju, ǂHoan, ǃUi and Taa).

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