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Proper noun[edit]


  1. Alternative form of ǃOǃKung
    • 1971, in Current Trends in Linguistics (Thomas Albert Sebeok), volume 7, Linguistics in Sub-Saharan Africa, page 411:
      [] which stretches from Ghanzi to Quipungo and the area not far south of Villa Luso in Angola where Livingstone, Ladislaus Magyar, Serpa Pinto and others met what they named the 'Cassequele' or 'Kassekere', ie the ǃoǃung of Dorothea Bleek's classification. It is in that area that Dorothea Bleek and her aged aunt, Lucy Lloyd, also found them. This huge and sparsely inhabited area is small in extent and certainly small in population compared to other language areas in Africa.