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Србија +‎ -нац


  • IPA(key): /srbijǎːnats/
  • Hyphenation: Ср‧би‧ја‧нац

Proper noun[edit]

Србија́нац m (Latin spelling Srbijánac)

  1. a Serbian (either a citizen of Serbia, or an ethnic Serb from Serbia)

Usage notes[edit]

The term Ср̏бин denotes an ethnic Serb, while the term Србија́нац denotes either a Serb from Central Serbia (Serbia excluding Vojvodina) or a a citizen of Serbia regardless of his ethnicity. The word has almost no usage in spoken common speech, and is primarily used in literary language, such as within the phrase srbijanski preds(j)ednik (the president of Serbia). The terms is sometimes considered derogatory by Serbs, and the terms Ср̏бин and Ср̏пкиња are should be used instead.


Related terms[edit]