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  • IPA(key): [dwɔˈjurʲidnei̯]


двою́рідний (dvojúridnyj)

  1. (Denotes a relative in the same generation as the head noun but one degree greater in separation.)
    двою́рідний дідdvojúridnyj didgreat-uncle, grandfather's/grandmother's generation
    двою́рідна ба́баdvojúridna bábagreat-aunt, grandfather's/grandmother's generation
    двою́рідний дя́дькоdvojúridnyj djádʹkomale first cousin once removed, uncle's/aunt's generation
    двою́рідна ті́ткаdvojúridna títkafemale first cousin once removed, uncle's/aunt's generation
    двою́рідний братdvojúridnyj bratmale first cousin, brother's/sister's generation
    двою́рідна сестра́dvojúridna sestráfemale first cousin, brother's/sister's generation
    двою́рідний племі́нникdvojúridnyj plemínnykmale first cousin once removed, nephew's/niece's generation
    двою́рідна племі́нницяdvojúridna plemínnycjafemale first cousin once removed, brother's/sister's generation

Usage notes[edit]

  • There is no simple equivalent of this term in English. It is applied to closer relations (e.g. nephews/nieces, brothers/sisters, uncles/aunts, grandfathers/grandmothers) and indicates a relation that is in the same generation as the term being modified, but is one degree greater in separation in terms of the closest common ancestor.


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