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Alternative forms


From Middle and Old Ukrainian колбаса (kolbasá), Old East Slavic кълбаса (kŭlbasa). Slavic cognates point to several reconstructed forms (Proto-Slavic Template:recons, Template:recons, Template:recons), indicating that this is a very early borrowing, with no clear antecedent. It is considered most likely to originate from Turkish külbastı (roasted meat), from kül (ash), from Old Turkish kül (ash).

Other possible connections include East Slavic *колб- (kolb-) or *ковб- (kovb-), cognate of Russian колоб (kólob, small round bun), Russian and Ukrainian колобок (kolobók, small round bun), Ukrainian ковбиця (kóvbycja, log), ковбан (kovbán, log), ковбик (kóvbyk, stomach), ковбатка (kovbátka, morsel of meat), or onomatopoeic Proto-Indo-European Template:recons, Template:recons, cognate of Bulgarian кълцам (kъlcam, to chop, mince), Ukrainian колоти (kolóty, to prick), лускати (lúskaty, to shell (nuts)), дзьобати (dz’óbaty, to peck), Old Church Slavonic кльчьтати (klĭčĭtati, to snap one's teeth).

There is also the unlikely suggestion of a connection to Proto-Slavic Template:recons; compare Russian колба (kolbá), колбь (kolb’), Ukrainian коблик (kóblyk), ковблик (kóvblyk).

Speculations of an origin in Hebrew כל בּשׂר (kôl-bāśār, meat, food) or French calebasse (calabash) are considered tenuous in the light of semasiology, chronology and geography.

Compare Russian колбаса (kolbasá), Belarusian каўбаса (kaŭbasá), кілбаса (kilbasá) and dialectal келбаса (kelbasá), the last two from Polish, Old East Slavic колбаса (kolbasa), Polish kiełbasa and archaic kiełbodziej (sausage stuffer), Kashubian kiełbas, Czech klobása, rarely klobás, and archaically koblása, Slovak kolbasa, klobása, kubása, and dialectal klbása, Upper Sorbian kołbasa and dialectal kołbasa, Lower Sorbian kjałbasa, rarely kjałbas, Bulgarian колбаса (kolbása), колбас (kolbás), and dialectal калбаса (kalbása), кълбаса (kŭlbása), and кобаса (kobása), Macedonian колбаса (kolbása), Serbo-Croatian кобасица (kobásica) and dialectal клобаса (klobása), and клобасица (klobásica), Slovenian клобаса (klobása).



plural (kovbasá? (genitive [please provide], nominative plural [please provide])

  1. sausage


A hard-type feminine noun of the first declension.

number singular plural
nominative ковбаса (kovbasá) ковбаси (kovbásy)
genitive ковбаси (kovbasý) ковбас (kovbás)
dative ковбасі (kovbasí) ковбасам (kovbásam)
accusative ковбасу (kovbasú) ковбаси (kovbásy)
vocative ковбасо (kovbáso) ковбаси (kovbásy)
instrumental ковбасою (kovbasóju) ковбасами (kovbásamy)
locative ковбасі (kovbasí) ковбасах (kovbásax)


Derived terms

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