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From अप (ápa, away, off) + √ūh (√ūh, to push, thrust, move).


अपोहति (apohati) (root √apoh, class-1)

  1. to strip off, push away, frighten away (RV. etc.)
    • 8th c., Bhavabhuti, Uttararāmacarita (Rama's Last Act), Act II, verse 19
      a|kiñ|cid api kurvāṇaḥ / saukhyair duḥkhāny apohati.
      tat tasya kim api dravyaṃ / yo hi yasya priyo janaḥ
      The person need do nothing at all, / the mere joy of being together
      dispels sorrow. What a gift it is, / to have someone who loves you.
  2. to remove or heal (diseases)
  3. to keep away from one's self, avoid (Mn.)
  4. to give up (Ragh.)
  5. (in disputation) to object, deny (Sāh..)


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