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Etymology 1[edit]


छन्दस् (chandasn

  1. roof
  2. deceit

Etymology 2[edit]


छन्दस् (chándasn

  1. desire, longing for, will
  2. intention, purport
  3. a sacred hymn (of Atharvaveda, as distinguished from those of Rigveda and Samaveda), incantation-hymn
  4. the sacred text of the Vedic hymns
  5. Chandas: metre (in general, supposed to consist of 3 or 7 typical forms to which विराज् (virāj) is added as the 8th; chandas opposed to गायत्रि (gāyatrí) and त्रिष्टुभ् (triṣṭúbh))
  6. metrical science