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निपात (nipātam

  1. descent, falling
  2. attack
  3. destruction, ruin, decay, death
  4. throw, hurl, discharge (Kum.)
  5. accidental occurrence or mention (Nir., ĀśvŚr.)
  6. (grammar) irregular form, exception
  7. (grammar) particle (Nir., Prāt., Pāṇ.)


Masculine a-stem declension of निपात
Nom. sg. निपातः (nipātaḥ)
Gen. sg. निपातस्य (nipātasya)
Singular Dual Plural
Nominative निपातः (nipātaḥ) निपातौ (nipātau) निपाताः (nipātāḥ)
Vocative निपात (nipāta) निपातौ (nipātau) निपाताः (nipātāḥ)
Accusative निपातम् (nipātam) निपातौ (nipātau) निपातान् (nipātān)
Instrumental निपातेन (nipātena) निपाताभ्याम् (nipātābhyām) निपातैः (nipātaiḥ)
Dative निपाताय (nipātāya) निपाताभ्याम् (nipātābhyām) निपातेभ्यः (nipātebhyaḥ)
Ablative निपातात् (nipātāt) निपाताभ्याम् (nipātābhyām) निपातेभ्यः (nipātebhyaḥ)
Genitive निपातस्य (nipātasya) निपातयोः (nipātayoḥ) निपातानाम् (nipātānām)
Locative निपाते (nipāte) निपातयोः (nipātayoḥ) निपातेषु (nipāteṣu)


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