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Alternative forms[edit]


पञ्चमी (pañcamīf

  1. (Hinduism) The fifth day of the lunar fortnight (tithi).
  2. the 5th or ablative case
    1. a word in the ablative
  3. a termination of the imperative.
  4. (music) a particular रागिणी or मूर्छना
  5. a brick having the length of 1/5 (of a पुरुष).

Derived terms[edit]


  • Telugu: పంచమి (paṃcami, the fifth day of lunar fortnight)

Proper noun[edit]

पञ्चमी (pañcamīf

  1. Name of द्रौपदी (who was the wife of 5 Pandavas; compare पाञ्चालि).
  2. Name of a river.