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Root 1[edit]

रुध् (rudh) 1 P (रोधति)

  1. Alternative form of रुह् (ruh)

Root 2[edit]

रुध् (rudh) 7 U (रुणद्धि, रुन्द्धे, रुरोध, रुरुधे, अरुधत्-अरौत्सीत्-अरुद्ध, रोत्स्यति-ते, रोद्धुम्, रुद्ध; desid. रुरुत्सति-ते)

  1. to obstruct, stop, arrest, check, oppose, hinder; impede, prevent
  2. to hold up, preserve, sustain (from falling);
  3. to shut up, lock or block up, close up, shut or close
  4. to surround, fence or hem in.
  5. to bind, confine.
  6. to besiege, invest, blockade
  7. to hide, cover, obscure, conceal.
  8. to oppress, torment, afflict excessively.
  9. (causative) to cause to stop, detain, impede, obstruct.
  10. to fetter, confine, chain.
  11. to oppress, torment, harass.