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Alternative forms[edit]

शृंग (śṛṃga)


From Proto-Indo-Iranian, from Proto-Indo-European *ḱr̥h₂n-, *ḱr̥-no-, from *ḱer-. Compare Old Church Slavonic сръна (srŭna, roedeer), Hittite [script needed] (surna, horn)[script needed], Latin cornū, English horn.


शृङ्ग (śṛṅgan

  1. the horn of an animal, a horn used for various purposes (as in drinking, for blowing, drawing blood from the skin, etc.).
  2. the tusk of an elephant.
  3. the top or summit of a mountain, a peak, crag.
  4. the summit of a building, pinnacle, turret.
  5. any peak or projection or lofty object, elevation, point, end, extremity.
  6. a cusp or horn of the moon.
  7. highest point, acme, height or perfection of anything.
  8. the horn as a symbol of self reliance or strength or haughtiness.
  9. the rising of desire, excess of love or passion (compare शृङ्गार).
  10. a particular military array in the form of a horn or crescent.
  11. a syringe, water-engine.
  12. the female breast.
  13. a lotus.
  14. agallochum.
  15. a mark, token, sign.
  16. ‘hare's horn’, anything impossible or extra ordinary.

Derived terms[edit]


शृङ्ग (śṛṅgam

  1. a kind of medicinal or poisonous plant.
  2. Name of a मुनि (of whom, in some parts of India, on occasions of drought, earthen images are said to be made and worshipped for rain).


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