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Alternative forms[edit]


Probably a loan from West Semitic, ultimately from Proto-Semitic *gamal- (camel).


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𒃵𒂷 (gammal)

  1. camel
    • Aššur-belu-taqqin's letter, Information on Sales of Camels and Other Business, lines 5-6

      𒅇 𒈠𒀀 𒁹𒂗 𒀲𒃵𒂷 𒀸 𒊮𒁉 𒁹 𒈫𒐈 𒈠𒈾 𒆬𒌓

      𒄿𒋛𒆥 𒀀𒈾 𒁹𒆳𒀀𒀀 _𒄥𒁍𒋼
      u mā issēn gammal ina libbi 01 2:3 manê ṣarpi
      issiqi ana Madaya ša-qurbūte
      u3 ma-a 01-en ANŠE.gam-mal ina ŠA3-bi 01 2:3 MA.NA [KUG.UD]
      i-si-qi a-na mmad-a-a LU2v.qur-bu-te
      Further, "He has bought one camel for 1 2/3 minas [of silver] and sold it to the bodyguard Madayu."