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Northern Sami[edit]


From Proto-Samic *-āntëk.


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  1. Forms nouns from other nouns, indicating a condition typefied by the thing.
    balva (cloud) + ‎-ádat → ‎balvvádat (cloudy weather)
  2. Forms nouns from verbs, indicating a condition.
    oaidnit (to see) + ‎-ádat → ‎oainnádat (sight)

Usage notes[edit]

This suffix triggers the weak grade on a preceding stressed syllable.


Even a-stem, hk-g gradation
Nominative -ádat
Genitive -ádaga
Singular Plural
Nominative -ádat -ádagat
Accusative -ádaga -ádagaid
Genitive -ádaga -ádagaid
Illative -ádahkii -ádagaide
Locative -ádagas -ádagain
Comitative -ádagain -ádagaiguin
Essive -ádahkan
Possessive forms
Singular Dual Plural
1st person -ádahkan -ádahkame -ádahkamet
2nd person -ádahkat -ádahkade -ádahkadet
3rd person -ádahkas -ádahkaska -ádahkaset

Derived terms[edit]

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