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Alternative forms[edit]


From Old Armenian (-n).



  1. a definite article that assigns definite reference to the noun and is suffixed to the noun’s stem, or to the plural suffix or to the case ending
    գիրքըgirkʿəthe book
    ծառերըcaṙerəthe trees

Usage notes[edit]

The allomorph (-n) is used when the lexeme to which it is attached ends in a vowel, e.g. ծառա-ն (caṙa-n, the servant), մարդու-ն (mardu-n, the man (dative)), and when the following word starts with a vowel, e.g. գիրք-ն եմ ուզում (girkʿ-n em uzum, I want the book). In all other cases () is used.