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From Proto-Finnic *-lainen. Cognate with Finnish -lainen. Attested since at least 1632, when wainlasset (modern vaenlast) is found in a fragmentary Bible (Matthew 22.44).


-lane (genitive -lase, partitive -last)

  1. Derives nouns from places for a person originating from that place.
    Eesti "Estonia" → eestlane "Estonian"
    välismaa "foreign country" → välismaalane "foreigner"
    New Yorknewyorklane "New Yorker"
  2. Derives nouns from other nouns indicating a member or follower of a group related to the base noun.
    Kristus "Christ" → kristlane "Christian"
  3. Derives nouns for occupations related to the base word.
    ajalugu "history" → ajaloolane "historian"
    õppima "to study" → õpilane "student"
  4. Derives nouns for a person (or other entity) according to some other characteristic.
    vaen "hostility" → vaenlane "enemy"
    kange "tough" → kangelane "hero"
    mesi "honey" → mesilane "bee"

Usage notes[edit]

In older texts (from the 1600s and 1700s), the partitive is often spelt -lasset, -laset or -lased.


Derived terms[edit]