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Back-formation from delicious.



  1. Used to form intensified adjectives indicating deliciousness, from nouns and adjectives.
    • 2011, Nancy Kennedy, The Hollywood Wrap: 100 Quick and Easy Meals to Fuel Your Workout, page 83:
      If you prefer your burgers hot and spicy, then add the jalapeño seeds to this veggie-licious wrap.
    • 2009, Cam Rossie, Hilary Hylton, Insiders' Guide to Austin, p. 100:
      It is packed with families dining under the live oaks at wooden picnic tables on food that is simply burgerlicious and better for dad's soul than nightly chicken
    • 2005, Rachael Ray, 365: No Repeats : a Year of Deliciously Different Dinners, p. 241:
      The best sellers, day to day, month to month, no matter the season, were apricot chicken tenders, sesame noodles, and pasta nests. Here are three pasta-licious nests, adapted for your home production kitchen.
    • 2001, Ed Rosenthal, The Big Book of Buds: Marijuana Varieties from the World's Great Seed Breeders, page 123:
      A catering business called Stranjahs advertises that they will provide ganjalicious goodies for private parties.
    • 1998, Matt Diehl, Vibe, September 1998, Volume 6, Issues 6-8, p. 302:
      And unlike his Davis, California homey DJ Shadow, who smothers tracks with avant-garde displays of turntable mastery, Mike isn't afraid to let his B-boy bouillabaisse coalesce into real bootylicious grooves that are more about moving the crowd than wowing elitist nerds who crowd around the DJ booth.


Derived terms[edit]