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  1. alternative form of -ing



-ning ‎(productive)

  1. Used to form nouns from a verb, usually referring to the end result of the verb action. Verb stems ending in n or certain consonant clusters take -ing instead.
    översättning, rättning
  2. Some nouns ending in -an get an -ing or -ning suffix in the plural before the -ar/-arna plural suffix. (Note however, that begäran deviates from this pattern.)
    fordran → fordringar, förfrågan → förfrågningar, predikan → predikningar

Derived terms[edit]



-ning ‎(Cyrillic spelling -нинг)

  1. Genitive case marker. Indicates that either that previous word has possession of the following word, or the following word is an attribute or a portion of the previous word. It functions like the English suffix “'s”.
    • Otamning ruchkasi.
      It's my father's pen.

Usage notes[edit]

The first person singular pronoun men and the second person singular pronoun sen are formed as "mening", and "sening" respectively.