A@InsideShoulderhigh-PalmBack-FlatB@NearCenterChesthigh-PalmDown Frontandback

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American Sign Language[edit]


Pictorial representation of the dominant hand sawing through wood represented by the nondominant hand.


left-hand open-B palm-down right-hand A palm-in away from body right side of chest left-hand stays repeatedly right-hand moves left and left repeatedly
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  • This two-handed ASL sign has two postures:
    1. Posture the dominant hand in the “A” handshape near the body, lateral with the dominant shoulder, at shoulder height, palm facing back, thumb on top. Posture non-dominant hand in the “flat B” handshape about an elbow's length out from the center body, chest high, palm facing down, fingers pointing toward the dominant side.
      • Move the dominant hand repeatedly frontward toward the nondominant side and backward toward the dominant side to the next posture while holding the non-dominant hand in this posture.
    2. Posture the dominant hand in the “A” handshape on the back of the nondominant hand, palm facing back, thumb on top.


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  1. to saw