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From Arabic الجَانِب(al-jānib) "the side".

Proper noun[edit]


  1. (astronomy) A β Cephei variable subgiant, visible as a third-magnitude blue-white star in the northern constellation of Pegasus, one of four stars in the asterism of the Great Square of Pegasus.
    • 1899, Richard Hinckley Allen, Star-Names and Their Meanings, New York: G. E. Stechert, page 326:
      [γ, 3, white, erroneously placed by Tycho in Pisces marks the extreme tip of the Horse's wing, so that its name Algenib has been considered as derived from Al Janāh, the Wing, but it probably is from Al Janb, the Side. It has sometimes been written Algemo.]
  2. (astronomy) Synonym of Mirfak (the star α Persei).


  • (star in Pegasus): γ (gamma) Pegasi (primary designation), γ Peg (abbreviated form), Gamma Pegasi (Latinized form)



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