American Thanksgiving

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American + Thanksgiving


  • IPA(key): /əˈmɛɹɪkən ˈθæŋkskɪvɪŋ/

Proper noun[edit]

American Thanksgiving

  1. (chiefly non-US) Thanksgiving Day, an American holiday celebrated on the fourth Thursday of November.
    • 2000, Rosanne Knorr, The Grown-Up’s Guide to Living in France [1]
      [...] then theoretically, you’ll cut your electric bill. I say theoretically because red days always seem to occur on American Thanksgiving (not a holiday in France), just when we want the oven for turkey and pies that will take exactly seven hours and twenty-seven minutes of the most expensive hours on the planet.
    • 2004, Steven E Keenan, Sojourns in West Africa[2]:
      Bill came back to town for American Thanksgiving, and we spent the day tracking down the required entry visas.
    • 2004, Ann-Marie MacDonald, The Way the Crow Flies[3]:
      The McCarrolls were coming to Thanksgiving dinner. American Thanksgiving was not until November and, as Mimi told Sharon over the phone, “We can't let you be the only ones in the PMQs without a turkey dinner next week.”
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