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Coined circa 1971; blend of American +‎ track.

Proper noun[edit]


  1. (US, rail transport) A US passenger railway (incorporated as the National Railroad Passenger Corporation).
    • 1969 —School Mathematics Study Group, Studies in mathematics, Volumes 19-20, p. 8
      Trains are fuller under Amtrak, but it is thought to be largely because there are fewer trains.
    • 1971 —"Give the trains a chance", published in Life, p. 42
      Its pitifully small appropriation of $40 million already gone, Amtrak has asked Congress for another $170 million to keep the trains running through mid-1973.
    • 1999, Bernd Schmitt, Experiential marketing, page 39:
      The Amtrak brand revitalization approach represents one of the most ambitious, comprehensive, and systematic experiential marketing approaches I have ever seen.