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Proper noun[edit]


  1. (informal) The Norwegian musical group Apoptygma Berzerk.
    • 2000, "oddlystrange", VNV/Apop show in DC (on Internet newsgroup alt.gothic.fashion)
      Well I spoke with the bands [sic] crew outside along with everyone else. I also spoke with VNV who said that although it was technically possible for them to make noise come out of their band inside the black cat it was going to be a horrible effort for them to do it AND I also spoke with the Apop guys who said it was technically IMPOSSIBLE for them to play at all.
    • 2001, "R-Lex", Apoptygma DVD (on Internet newsgroup rec.music.industrial)
      So if you hate Apop so much, why the hell did you buy it? I love it when people try to impress with vitriol by setting up a scarecrow and then knocking it over.
    • 2003, "elegia", um... hey... (on Internet newsgroup alt.music.placebo)
      i'd like to say that apoptygma berzerks [sic] cover of "fade to black" was better, but alas it isn't. shame really because i really like apop.