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The shortening the names of places, people, companies, etc. is a common feature of Australian English vocabulary. This is often done through the use of diminutives. The given names Darren and Sharon, for example are shortened to Dazza and Shazza respectively. The Western Australian Cricket Association and the Perth cricket ground becomes WACA (pronounced /wæk.ə/), McDonald's restaurant becomes Macca's (pronounced /'mæk.əz/ invalid IPA characters ('), replace ' with ˈ) and Woolies (as in "I'm just going to pick up some milk from Woolies") is the affectionate term given to the chain of Woolworths supermarkets.


  • ambos - paramedics (from "ambulance")
  • arvo/arvie - afternoon
  • bottle-o - bottle-shop, liquor store
  • Ekka - the Brisbane Exhibition, an annual show
  • rego - (vehicle) registration (fee)
  • servo - service station
  • Vee Dub - Volkswagen
  • Vinnie's - St. Vincent De Paul's (charity thrift stores and hostels)
  • Winnies - Winfield Cigarettes
  • Woolies - Woolworth's Supermarkets



  • Dunnie - Dunhill Cigarettes
  • TED - Tooheys Extra Dry, beer
  • Vomit Beer - Victoria Bitter, beer; a play on the acronym "VB" due to it's strong taste.
  • Paley and 'Sparkles for Coopers Pale Ale and Cooper Sparkling beer; typically restricted to South Australia
  • Winnie - Winfield Cigarettes

Shortened band names[edit]

Australian youths and general Australian music fans have a long tradition of shortening popular band names.

State names for people[edit]

The colloquial name associated to people born and raised in that state.

  • Northen Territory - Territorians
  • NSW - Cockroaches
  • Queensland - Cane Toads, Banana Benders
  • South Australia - Crow Eaters
  • Tasmania - Taswegians, people from Tassie
  • Victoria - Vics, Mexicans
  • Western Australia - Sand Gropers, people from West Oz

Place names[edit]

As with other proper nouns, place names are commonly shortened through the use of diminutives. Australia is, itself, often shortened to Oz, or alternately, Straya (see also Aussie).

In some cases, colloquialisms have developed in reference to certain characteristics of the area. Australia is often referred to as Down Under because of its geographical location on a globe; this term (which can also include New Zealand) was popularized by the song Down Under, by Australian band Men at Work.

'Palmy' or 'Palmo' - Palmerston, Northern Territory

Sporting Teams[edit]

Despite sporting teams in Australia possessing nicknames, many people use colloquial names for them nonetheless, especially when cheering them on from the grandstands. The names listed below are typically unofficial nicknames.


  • Victoria - the Vics



  • Box Hill - the Hills
  • Coburg - the Burgers
  • Springvale - the Vales
  • Werribee - the Bees
  • Williamstown- Willy, Towners


  • Australia A - the A's (A second first-class team which was created)
  • West Indies - the Windies


  • Canterbury Bulldogs - the Dogs, the Doggies.
  • Eastern Suburbs/Sydney Roosters - Easts, the Rooters.
  • Parramatta Eels - Parra, the Snakes, the Slime.
  • South Sydney Rabbitohs - Souths, the Bunnies, Armani Army.
  • St George/Illawarra Dragons - the Saints, the Dragqueens, St Merge, St Choke.
  • Penrith Panthers - the Penny Panthers, Penriff.
  • Brisbane Broncos - the Bronks, the Boncos.
  • North Queesland Cowboys - the Cowgirls.
  • Manly-Warringah Sea Eagles - Manly, the Silvertails.
  • Wests Tigers - the Tiges, the Tiggers, the Tigpies.
  • Cronulla Sharks - the Guppies, the 40 Year Old Virgins
  • Canberra Raiders - the Green Machine, the Faders.
  • Melbourne Storm - the Mexicans.


  • Adelaide 36ers - the Sixers. Named because South Australia was founded in 1836. Also inspired by the Philadelphia 76ers
  • Townsville Crocodiles - the Crocs
  • West Sydney Razorbacks - the Pigs


  • National Team - the Socceroos, the Roos
  • Olympic Team - the Olyroos
  • Womans National Team - the Matildas
  • National under 16 Team - the Joeys
  • Sydney FC - the Sky Blues, Bling FC, FC
  • Melbourne Victory FC - the Victory, the Big V, the Vics, the Tards
  • Adelaide United FC - the Reds, United, the Commies
  • Queensland Roar FC - the Roar, the Pussycats, Meow
  • Perth Glory FC - the Glory
  • Central Coast Mariners FC - the Mariners, the Fishermen, the Coast
  • Newcastle Jets FC - the Jets

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