Appendix:Basic Arapaho phrases

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Here are some common phrases in the Arapaho language (an Algonquian language):

Translation Phrase
Arapaho language Hinóno'eitíít
hello héébee (man speaking)

tous (woman speaking, or a man speaking to a woman)

good-bye heetce'noohobe3en
thank you hohóu
yes hee (man speaking)
oo (woman speaking)
no hííko
How are you? kooni'ííni?
Fine. nii'ííni.
What's happening? tóotousííni?
Nothing much. hoowúúni.
What's your name? hótousíhi?
...that's my name. ...néé'eesíh'inoo.
I know/understand. hee'ínowoo.
I don't know/understand. neihoowóé'in.
Repeat it! ce'ínihii!