Appendix:Finnish nominal inflection/sisar

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KOTUS type 32 (sisar) NSK types 54 (sisar) and 55 (ahven)

Nominals ending with -r/-l/-n; inverse consonant gradation possible.

The inflectional stem is formed by adding -e- to the nominative singular.

Partitive singular ending -ta/-tä, partitive plural ending -a/, and genitive plural endings -ien and -ten.

Basic declension without consonant gradation[edit]

back vowels
(has a, o, or u)
front vowels
(no a, o, or u)

Consonant gradation[edit]

As endings are attached to the final consonant, the preceding syllable is opened in all cases apart from the nominative and partitive singular (and genetive plural), which may lead to inverse consonant gradation; however this only occurs with ttt or Ǿk.


grade t → tt ∅ → k
nominative weak tatar ien
genitive strong tattaren ikenen
partitive weak tatarta ientä
elative strong tattaresta ikenestä
illative strong tattareen ikeneen

Complete declension example with consonant gradation (t → tt)[edit]