Appendix:Glossary of U.S. Navy slang/Unit nicknames

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Many ships and units of the United States Navy have nicknames; these nicknames are listed here. All other Navy slang is listed in Appendix:Glossary of U.S. Navy slang.



  • Big E: Nickname for the USS Enterprise (CV-6), which won 24 battle stars during World War II, also known as the most decorated ship in the U.S. Navy. (Actually, the most decorated ship is the USS Parche (SSN-683), receiving a total of nine Presidential Unit Citations, ten Navy Unit Citations, and thirteen Navy Expeditionary Medal awards during her thirty years of service.)
  • Big Gray Hate Maker: Term of endearment for the USS Blue Ridge (LCC-19).
  • Big Stick: Nickname for the USS Iowa (BB-61), crew's nickname for USS Theodore Roosevelt (CVN-71).
  • Block-o-wood: Nickname for the USS Belleau Wood (LHA-3).
  • Black Oil: Navy Standard Fuel Oil (NSFO)
  • BMFH: Big Mother F*****n Hammer
  • Bubble Head: A Submariner
  • "B" Girls: USS Barbell SSN-580, USS Bonefish SSN-581 and USS Blueback SSN-582


  • Chicken of the Sea, play on official slogon: Eagle of the Sea for USS Tarawa (LHA-1)


  • Danger Ranger: USS Ranger CV/CVA-61



  • FID: First In Defense: Nickname for the USS Forrestal (CV59).
  • Fighting I: Nickname for the USS Intrepid (CV-11), now a museum ship in New York Harbor.

*FIGHTIN FIVE N DIME : Crews' nickname for the USS EATON DD/DDE 510

  • Fighting Cock: Nickname for USS Saratoga CV-60
  • Freddy NHPV: USS Wichita AOR-1


  • Gray Eagle NHKG: USS Ranger CV/CVA-61
  • Glitter Kilo NIBP: USS Guadalupe AO-32




  • John Sore Penis: Nickname given to the aircraft carrier USS John C Stennis after it makes a port call in Australia and closes down all of the local brothels.
  • Jolly Rogers: Crews nickname given to the Spruance class destroyer USS John Rodgers
  • Jack of the Dust: The cook in charge of the galley storerooms.



  • Latex Glove: Crews nickname given to the AEGIS cruiser USS Leyte Gulf
  • Love Boat: Crews nickname given to the "USS McKee AS-41" submarine tender
  • Love Muscle: Crews nickname given to the Arleigh Burke destroyer USS Russell
  • Lone Ranger: USS Ranger CV/CVA-61


  • Magnificent Seven: Term of endearment for the USS Henry B. Wilson (DDG-7)
  • Midway Magic: Nickname for USS Midway CV-41, now a museum in San Diego




  • Peter Rabbit: Nickname for the USS Paul Revere (APA/LPA-248)
  • Pubic Mound: Crews nickname given to the destroyer tender USS Puget Sound
  • Phrog: CH-46 Sea Knight


  • Queer Barge: Nickname for the USS Kearsarge (LHD-3)
  • Queer Baege: USS Kearsarge CV/CVA/CVS-33



  • Stinkin' Lincoln: Crews nickname given to the aircraft carrier USS Abraham Lincoln
  • Sand Dog: San Diego
  • Skimmer: A target for a submarine.
  • Skivvy Waver: Signalman (SM)
  • Stew Burner: Commissaryman (CS)
  • "S" Girls: USS Skate SSN-578, USS Swordfish SSN-579, USS Sargo SSN-583 and USS Seadragon SSN-584


Tommy the Tug, or Tommy the Tugboat, the crew's nickname for the USS Thomas s. Gates, after she towed a disabled ship in to port while operating in the Carribean.

  • Turd Chaser: Shipfitter (SF)
  • Turd Chaser: Hull Maintenance Technition (HT)
  • TI: Naval Station Treasure Island




  • Willy-B, Willy B: Nickname for the USS Wilkes-Barre (CL-103)
  • Wicked Witch of the West: USS Wichita AOR-1