Appendix:Hebrew patterns/קַטֶּלֶת

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קַטֶּלֶת (katélet, qaṭṭéleṯf (plural indefinite קַטָּלוֹת, plural construct קַטְּלוֹת־, Biblical Hebrew pausal form קַטָּלֶת)

  1. Indicates a disease.
    כֶּלֶב (kélev, a dog)כַּלֶּבֶת (kalévet, rabies)
  2. Feminine counterpart for a noun in the קַטָּל pattern. A female agent noun.
    גַּנָּן (ganán, a gardener; a kindergarten teacher)גַּנֶּנֶת (ganénet, a female gardener; a female kindergarten teacher)



If the second letter of the root is a ר, then the first letter gets a kamatz, as in צָרֶבֶת (tsarévet).

Derived terms[edit]