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These names are listed in 五十音 (gojūon) order; see the hiragana page for a chart. The romanization is given first, followed by kanji (if any), kana, meaning (if any), and gender (F for female, M for male, blank for unknown). Please do not add names to this list unless you can provide kanji.


Romaji Kanji Kana Meaning Gender
Ai あい love F
Aoi 碧, 葵 あおい blue, hollyhock F
Akio 明夫 あきお bright boy M
Akiko 明子 あきこ bright child F
Akiko 秋子 あきこ autumn child F
Akira あきら bright M
Akira 晶、彰 あきら clear M,F
Atsuko 亜月子 あつこ child that comes after the moon? F
Ayako 亜也湖、亜也子 あやこ classical lake, classical child F


Romaji Kanji Kana Meaning Gender
Kaori 香、香織 かおり incense, perfume F
Kaoru 香織 かおる add a man's strength M
Kaoru 佳緒 かおる pleasing beginning F
Kazue か寿枝 かずえ one garment F
Kazuko カズ子 かずこ Powerful child? F
Kasumi 香澄 かすみ mist F
Kimiko き実子, き美子, キミ子 きみこ Child of truth/Beautiful child F
Kyō きよう Name of a JRocker, derived from 'Kyoto' - capital? Can also mean large, approval or ginger (the herb) M
Keiko 京子 (kanji can also be read Kyōko or Kiyoko)、恵子 けいこ Capital child/ Child of the capital/ smart(wise) child F
Kōji 浩二、浩治、幸二、浩次 こうじ two wide expanses; abundant peace/ruling; two blessings; vigorous order M


Romaji Kanji Kana Meaning Gender
Sakura さくら cherry blossom F
Sachiko 幸子 さちこ happy child F
Satomi 三十三、 さと未、 里美 さとみ three ten(s); not yet like... F
Sumiko 主珠子 すみこ Child of the principle jewel/ Principle jewel child M, F (strangely, this name with this kanji is one of those Japanese names of which the gender is debatable despite the feminine ending -ko...)
Seiko 世依子 せいこ Child who depends on the world/society OR Child the world/society depends on F


Romaji Kanji Kana Meaning Gender
Takashi 隆、隆志、隆史.. たかし noble, noble hopes, noble history M
Takahiro 隆弘 たかひろ prosperous M
Takeshi 武、毅、猛、武志.. たけし bamboo tree/brave M
Tarō 太郎 たろう First Born son (a higher meaning than Ichirō, which also means first born son) M


Romaji Kanji Kana Meaning Gender
Naoko 直子 なおこ honest child F
Nana 奈々 なな F
Nana ナナ なな F
Nanami 七海 ななみ seven seas F
Noboru のぼる Rises high into the sky M
Nobu 乃武; 庸 のぶ From the warrior; ordinary M
Noriko 且子 のりこ further child F


Romaji Kanji Kana Meaning Gender
Hana 一愛 はな favourite one F
Hanako 花子 はなこ flower child F
Haru 如春 はる like springtime F
Haruko はるこ protect, support F
Hikaru ひかる shine M, F
Hideki 秀喜、秀樹、英機 ひでき take pleasure in beauty/excellence; good/excellent/beautiful timber wood M
Hideyoshi 秀吉 ひでよし excellent luck M
Hitomi ひ都実 ひとみ true capital F, M
Hiroko 丕子 ひろこ glorious child F


Romaji Kanji Kana Meaning Gender
Maaka 真亜華 まあか true beauty F
Mai まい dance F
Mami 麻美 まみ beautiful flax F
Manami 真奈美 まなみ F
Masami 正巳、雅巳 まさみ M
Masami 雅美 まさみ beauty and grace M,F
Midori みどり green, greenery, verdure F
Minami みなみ South F
Misaki 美咲 みさき beautiful blossom F
Mitsuki 美月 みつき beautiful moon F
Moe もえ sprout F
Maroka 麿歌 まろか I/You sing F


Romaji Kanji Kana Meaning Gender
Yaaya 耶彩 やあや Paint F
Yanmin 楊明 やんみん Light coloured willow F
Yarei 若麗 やれい Young companion F
Yuan 柚杏 ゆあん citron apricot F
ゆう courage M,F
Yukiko 雪子 ゆきこ snow child F
Yukijura 幸樹蘭 ゆきじゅら Blessed timber orchid F
Yukihimekumiko 雪姫久美子 ゆきひめくみこ Ancient beautiful snow princess F
Yukimi 雪水 ゆきみ Meltwater F
Yukio 由紀夫 ゆきお M


Romaji Kanji Kana Meaning Gender
Rai 羅為 らい Made of thin silk F, M
Raina 雷鳴 らいな Echo of thunder F
Rakusai 楽斎 らくさい
Ranri 蘭莉 らんり Jasmine orchid F
Risa 理沙 りさ F
Ryūnosuke 龍之介 りゅうのすけ of the dragon M
Ryōichi 亮一 りょういち Excellent one, ?purifying music? M


Romaji Kanji Kana Meaning Gender
Waako 羽亜恋 わあこ In love with feathers? F
Waimi 羽維見 わいみ Ties feathers with ideas F
Wakako 輪加子 わかこ Joining flowers F
Wakana 若菜 わかな young greens(herbs) F

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