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Shouldn't this page be called English Suffixes? What should we call other language suffix appendices? — Hippietrail 11:26, 12 Apr 2004 (UTC)

Agreed - thanks for making this point. I'll move the page to "English suffixes" and make the appendix a list of links to pages for various languages. The same probably applies to many, if not all, of the other appendices. -- Paul G 11:36, 12 Apr 2004 (UTC)
I've moved "Wiktionary Appendix:Prefixes" and "Wiktionary Appendix:Suffixes" to "Wiktionary Appendix:Prefixes:English" and "Wiktionary Appendix:Suffixes:English" respectively. The "Prefixes" and "Suffixes" pages are now (currently very short) lists of links to pages of prefixes and suffixes for various languages. I think all of the other appendices (apart from "List of abbreviations used in Wiktionary") could benefit from the same treatment. Could someone help me transfer them, please? -- Paul G 12:08, 12 Apr 2004 (UTC)

missing suffix: -age[edit]

I believe you are missing the suffix "-age" as in anchorage, acreage, fuselage, appendage, voyage, orphanage, postage, stoppage, patronage, leafage, pilgrimage, frontage, marriage, sabotage, leakage, encourage, linkage, scrimmage, adage, homage, barrage, bandage, tonnage, assemblage, passage, shortage, entourage, teenage, mileage, usage, outage, package, stage, voyage, rummage, baggage, luggage, brokerage, massage, collage, tutelage, percentage, storage, foliage, assuage, seepage, garbage, bondage, verbiage, shrinkage, carnage, coinage, cabbage, wordage, garage, carriage, slippage, hostage, engage, disengage, spoilage, espionage, vintage, vantage, advantage, disadvantage, forage, message, coverage, discourage, courage, average, breakage, damage, roughage, drainage, pilferage, village, cottage, courage, sausage, sewage, voltage, heritage, parentage, lineage, salvage, wreckage, outrage, mortgage, footage, cartilage, plumage, wattage, spillage, bandage, blockage, hemorrhage, dosage, image, signage, leverage, beverage, encourage, discourage, pillage, language

Suffixes (-some)[edit]

I suggest you add -some; as in handsome, irksome, tiresome et al

irksome, tiresome, worrisome, bothersome, troublesome, noisome, quarrelsome, winsome, venturesome

Additional suffix[edit]

"-ling" as in darling, duckling, foundling, cageling, dumpling, earthling, worldling, fatling, firstling, fledgling, gosling, grayling, groundling, hatchling, hireling, nurseling, ridgeling, sapling, seedling, starling, starveling, weakling, weanling, yearling, youngling.

Similar information in Wikipedia[edit]

w:List of English suffixes should probably be transwiki'd and merged with this page. What do you think? --Hroðulf 10:35, 2 October 2006 (UTC)


Meanings would be useful