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Borrowed from Tamil பரத (parata) (from Sanskrit भरत (bharata, name of Bharata Muni)) + நாட்டியம் (nāṭṭiyam, dance)

Proper noun[edit]

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  1. (dance) A form of classical dance originating in the South Indian state of Tamil Nadu.
    • 2015 August 30, Alastair Macaulay, “Review: At Indian Dance Festival, Subtleties in the Sway of a Torso”, in New York Times[1]:
      Bharatanatyam is the most geometrically multidirectional of the Indian genres — in the nritta sections, Ms. Balasubramanian turned in quick succession to address right, left, behind, ahead, above and below, as well as various diagonals — and the sharp transitions are often not just exciting but also powerfully expressive of the dancer’s setting herself within a larger context.