C. elegans

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Proper noun[edit]

C. elegans f

  1. Used, in context, to shorten the name and simplify the pronunciation of a species name with a generic name beginning with C and a specific epithet of elegans.
    1. Caenorhabditis elegans, a species of nematode.
      • 1988 April 1, Johnson, Carl D.; et al., “The acetylcholinesterase genes of C. elegans: Identification of a third gene (ace-3) and mosaic mapping of a synthetic lethal phenotype”, in Neuron[1], page 165:
        In C. elegans, the newly identified ace-3 is the third gene affecting acetylcholinesterase (ACNE) activity.
      • 1997, Riddle, Donald L., et al., “The Biological Model”, in C. elegans II[2], →ISBN, page xx:
        An important reason C. elegans was chosen for study was that high-quality electron micrographs had been obtained from specimens of this species by Nichol Thomson, who was hired by Brenner in October, 1964.

Usage notes[edit]

Although the abbreviation C. elegans is most often used in reference to the nematode Caenorhabditis elegans, there are several other species (such as Calochortus elegans) whose names are abbreviated in the same way. See C. elegans (disambiguation) at Wikipedia and C_elegans at Wikispecies for more.