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CoD Black Ops Logo.png

Proper noun[edit]


  1. (video games, slang) Abbreviation of Call of Duty: Black Ops.
    • 2010 November 23, Cobbett, Richard, “How to make Call of Duty: Black Ops run faster on your PC”, in PC Gamer[1]:
      CODBLOPS is a very system intensive game, so before even firing it up, make sure it has as many resources available as you can throw at it.
    • 2010 November 23, Dr Zoidberg,, Usenet[2], message-ID <icgdc2$nkb$>:
      After I prestige on CODBLOPS I'll be up for a bit of variety and this will do nicely.
    • 2010 December 20, Tito, Greg, “FPS Trainer Aims at Making You Kill Better Online”, in The Escapist[3]:
      A new free to play game will allow you to compete online in games like CODBlops without feeling like a noob.
    • 2011 April 21, BrunoN Bluthgeld,, Usenet[4], message-ID <4db0562b$0$2492$>:
      Wait, there's CoDblops on iPhone? Now we're doomed.
    • 2013 January 8, Gillooly, John, “Why the PC has won the first round of the next-gen console wars”, in PC & Tech Authority[5]:
      Just think, you can now actually enjoy CODBLOPS II The Way Its Meant To Be Played, while sitting on the toilet.