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  1. ániidí
  2. ániid
  3. tʼááłáʼí góneʼ
  4. ałhidadiidzooígíí
  5. tózháán
  6. tsostsʼid góneʼ
  7. tááʼ góneʼ
  8. naaki góneʼ
  9. yázhí
  10. niłhin
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  1. ániidí
  2. ániid
  3. tʼááłáʼí góneʼ
  4. naaki góneʼ
  5. hastą́ą́ góneʼ
  6. tááʼ góneʼ
  7. tsostsʼid góneʼ
  8. łáaʼii góneʼ
  9. dį́į́ʼ góneʼ
  10. ashdlaʼ góneʼ

Fundamental » All languages » Navajo » Lemmas » Adjectives

Navajo terms that give attributes to nouns, extending their definitions.

  • NOTE—Usages marked as adjectives in Navajo are not truly adjectives. Most of them are verbs, although here and there a noun may be used for this. Navajo does not have adjectives.