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  1. Schmutziger Donnerstag
  2. Sukkot
  3. Johannistag
  4. Totenfest
  5. Wintersonnenwende
  6. Weiberfastnacht
  7. Vatertag
  8. Valentinstag
  9. Tag der Deutschen Einheit
  10. Sommersonnenwende
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  1. Ostern
  2. Sommersonnenwende
  3. Wintersonnenwende
  4. Muttertag
  5. Vatertag
  6. Erntedankfest
  7. Neujahr
  8. Christi Himmelfahrt
  9. Dreikönigsfest
  10. Rosenmontag

German names of specific holidays and terms for types of holidays.

NOTE: This is a mixed category. It may contain terms of any of the following category types:

  • names of specific holidays;
  • terms for types of holidays.

WARNING: Such categories are strongly dispreferred and should be split into separate per-type categories.